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Is this Community Still Alive?

Anyway, thought I should let Boy fans know that Rolla has a seperate myspace account for his music. C: So far, there's only two songs, but he said he's going to record more during the Summer, so look out for that. :D Ah, the site is here.
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Hello everyone!
well i'm new here, i actually heard for the first time "boy" yesterday in ottawa.. i thought they were so good!! I went there with my friend ashley (i'm valerie by the way :) ) and we are fan of "hawksley workman" but when i heard Boy giving autographs i just left to meet them and buy their cd hahaha

I actually did meet them. They are all really nice guys, really social... Stephen actually care for the fans because it was raining and very cold !!! i said i was getting sick and he smiled and said "ya me too and it sucks!" lol

Their music is awsome, i bought the last album at the show and i'm planning to buy the other one (work at music world.. not too hard hahaha)

whatever i dont know if that kind of post is accepted, if not, just delete it! :)


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*watches tumbleweeds roll by*

What? Just because the new album isn't as good as the first doesn't mean that we don't update the LJ community.

I've met Stephen Noel and Rolla on MuchOnDemand (did you see it in December? That was me that got to ask the question). This girl took a picture of us, and for the picture Stephen Noel kissed me. I died... but then the girl never got in contact with me about the picture...

I'm Allegra, by the way. Loverly to meet ch'all
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I'm so glad to see that other people have discovered the beauty of Boy. One day whilst browsing in a record shop, I noticed this record. Boy. Huh. Let's give it a listen. My eyes watered, my heart melted and my knees became weak. I bought it without a moment's hesitation, and it has been in heavy rotation ever since. Love, love, love.
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