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boy the band

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Is this Community Still Alive? [18 May 2007|08:52am]

Anyway, thought I should let Boy fans know that Rolla has a seperate myspace account for his music. C: So far, there's only two songs, but he said he's going to record more during the Summer, so look out for that. :D Ah, the site is here.

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newbie [24 May 2005|10:11am]

Hello everyone!
well i'm new here, i actually heard for the first time "boy" yesterday in ottawa.. i thought they were so good!! I went there with my friend ashley (i'm valerie by the way :) ) and we are fan of "hawksley workman" but when i heard Boy giving autographs i just left to meet them and buy their cd hahaha

I actually did meet them. They are all really nice guys, really social... Stephen actually care for the fans because it was raining and very cold !!! i said i was getting sick and he smiled and said "ya me too and it sucks!" lol

Their music is awsome, i bought the last album at the show and i'm planning to buy the other one (work at music world.. not too hard hahaha)

whatever i dont know if that kind of post is accepted, if not, just delete it! :)



(60 days)

[06 Apr 2005|08:44am]

Wake up wake up wake up.

Post this in your lj info/myspace/site wherever.

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